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Noodle Pics!

As time goes on, I will be adding
more and more personal pics here.
Hover your mouse over the pics, I have created a story! :)

My site is not a naughty girl site!
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Hold your mouse over each pic for the story...
It sure is a nice evening to play with the puppies!
Lets see if I can get Stella to wear this hat....
hummmm........let me see, maybe I can trick her into wearing it.
OK, now she finally sits still. Jaeger thinks she looks like a hottie in her hat!
There, now aren't you a pretty girl!
hehe...My babies!!!

This is me and my Hubbie at the MN Sate fair.
Me and my Hubbie!
That's Phillip from Germany and me looking at him.
Me and Phillip!
There's my Mom!
Hi Mom!
My older sister
Thanksgiving pic of my sister!
Electric start! No kicking this old bike to get it started!
Thats me riding my 1975 Yamaha HD 200 Electric!
Next year a Harley! Can't wait!
Download a cool biker babes screen saver!

Me at 6 months!
Can you believe i was a chubby baby?!!!

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